Customer Case Studies

Thousands of businesses around the world choose Sidetrade to secure and accelerate cash flow generation.

Biffa has been leveraging Sidetrade’s AI technology to move its Order-to-Cash processes from tactical to strategic.
“Because of their market-leading AI technology, we felt that Sidetrade could really help the effectiveness of our operations.” – Richard Pike, CFO, Biffa.
DOCAPOSTE improves their commercial and financial performance with Sidetrade’s AI
Based on a history of millions of payment behaviors in their data pool, Sidetrade’s AI recommends the best action at the best time in order to maximize both our business and customer satisfaction.
Tenth Revolution Group accelerates cash and reduces disputes with state-of-the-art collection technology
When we started with Sidetrade we had as much as £4.5m in disputes—we are now down to £0.8m.
RANDSTAD partnered with Sidetrade to predict financial flows on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and optimize customer relationship
The shared, real-time visibility of payment behaviour of our customers between Collections and the rest of our network is clearly a key factor in the optimal management of overdue payments.
Groupe Leader incorporate Sidetrade solution to manage accounts receivable
Thanks to Sidetrade solution, we are targeting zero non-payments and a 10% reduction in our DSO.
World leader in manufacturing of innovative abrasive solutions gets support to digitally transform their Finance Department
Continuous benchmarking of our customers gives our associates an additional tool for the efficiency of their daily operations.
Manutan partner with Sidetrade to predict financial flows on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and optimize customer relationship.
The success of this project was immediate. Sidetrade won the support of all users. DSO has decreased by 8 days, generating over £5.3 million of additional cash.
GEODIS WILSON partnered with Sidetrade to predict financial flows on the Sales-to-Cash cycle
Sidetrade Network seemed to be the most advanced solution on the market, as well as the most reliable and sustainable.
Samworth Brothers increases visibility on Credit Management using Sidetrade
The Digital Letter is automatically sent a couple of days before the payment is due, we use that a lot. I can see the history of every action for each customer and improve the performance management efficiency.
Loxam improves efficiency, automation and customer satisfaction with Sidetrade Augmented Cash.
Implementing Sidetrade delivered DSO gains of almost €20m. Augmented Cash is used by one in three staff across 600 locations worldwide.
Viseo and Sidetrade Augmented Cash: Excellence and innovation in customer experience.
We’ve been able to slash our DSO by five days in less than five months and we’ve reduced receivables owing by over 90 days in record time.
Sidetrade supports Nespresso in the pursuit of its customer experience excellence.
Using Sidetrade’s outsourced cash collection service and their Augmented Cash application allowed us to significantly lower the average payment delays of our Business customers, while nurturing high-quality customer relationships with them.