Augmented Order

Quick, accurate and automated order processing

If sales order, work order and field ticket processing is poorly organized, businesses could experience payment disputes, errors, confusion and high costs.

The Augmented Order module ensures order processing consistency and accuracy between all teams involved while elevating client-facing professionalism, so no more missing or lost orders, and no more duplication or manual errors.


Boost profitability and customer satisfaction

Integrated within Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash platform, the Augmented Order module automates sales order processing, leading to reduced invoice errors, real-time workflow tracking and expedited processing of order files.</p>

This module enables businesses to receive incoming orders in various formats and delivery methods, to validate order completeness, integrate sales orders in production associated system, and send confirmations and advance shipping notices to customers.

The Augmented Order module reduces reliance on labor-intensive, manual operations and drives peak order management process performance. This automated order processing helps lower costs, improves productivity and customer satisfaction, ands boost the bottom line.


Cash ApplicationCollections & Dispute ManagementCustomer portal & Paymentse-Invoicing & ComplianceCredit Risk Management &Customer OnboardingSales Order Processing :

Adopt automated sales order management


Receive incoming orders in various formats and delivery methods (trading partner portals, email, etc.)


Check order completeness with autonomous back-office system integration, tracking and progress updates. Validate invoices against orders before sending


Integrate sales order management in production-associated systems


Effortlessly send order confirmations and advance shipping notices to customers


Benefit from ultimate insight into sales order status and real-time spend against blanket orders. Move from reactive dispute measures to preventative actions

Simplify sales order processing through automation

Paperless processing

Automated processing volumes

Automated instant email copies delivered

Reduced disputes

Enhanced visibility of order status

Boosted customer confidence