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Growing client value and collecting cash quickly

Long-term success in the Services sector depends on high utilization metrics, so maximizing revenue, loyalty and lifetime value from existing clients is critical. Getting prompt payment for services delivered is also key, so Sidetrade’s automation and AI capabilities can cut payment delays and accelerate cash into the business.

Sidetrade is trusted by a range of Services businesses, from consulting and recruitment through to security, property and food services companies. It helps them achieve dependable revenue growth and cashflow.

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Sidetrade’s AI-powered Augmented Cash platform is built on rich and plentiful business data, gathered across all B2B industries and spanning over 21 years of transactions. Our AI, Aimie, is able to accurately predict payment behavior of your buyers and recommend collection strategies based on these industry insights. Here’s a breakdown of the data we’ve gathered for the Services sector:


Value of B2B transactions


Payment experiences


Organizations using the Sidetrade platform

Sidetrade’s Services customers include…

Industry benefits

  1. Professionalize your Credit Control team with technology
  2. Collect outstanding fees faster and minimize bad debt
  3. Expedite sales order and invoice processing
  4. Increase customer satisfaction through swifter dispute handling
  5. Break down barriers between partners, operational and finance teams

Augmented Cash

Sidetrade manages your Order-to-Cash process by automating key tasks, and benchmarking how your customers pay you versus the wider industry. AI assistant, Aimie, proposes the most effective actions for setting credit terms, chasing payment and collecting cash rapidly.

Sophisticated automation and digital letters can be used to service the high volume of low value invoices. Overall this can accelerate cash flow and reduce credit risk.