partnered with Sidetrade to forecast cash flow better and improve customer relationships

The real-time visibility of our customers’ payment behavior shared between Collections and the rest of our network is clearly a key factor in the improved management of overdue payments.


RANDSTAD Group is the second largest Human Resources provider in the world. In France, the company manages a network of 900 branches and offices, relying on a staff of 3,900.

F. Beharel, CEO of RANDSTAD France, aimed to significantly reduce its DSO, a key financial metric for the Dutch group. The Finance Department therefore decided to launch a project to improve Working Capital Management. The efficient sharing of information between the Finance and Sales teams was identified as a key success factor.

RANDSTAD France already used receivables management software under the traditional vendor licence model, but the Sidetrade Cloud was more ideally suited to meet its strategic challenges.

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  1. Reduce its DSO significantly
  2. Optimise Working Capital management
  3. Develop a cash culture across the company
  4. Accelerate cash flow generation
We were thoroughly delighted with Sidetrade’s Project Management methodology. It not only clarified the roles and responsibilities of each player in our Customer Management cycle, but also allowed us to rally our teams around a common project – the optimization of cash in our Group.

Credit Manager, B-BRIDGE

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