Augmented Invoice

Quick, accurate and automated invoice processing

If invoice processing is poorly organized, businesses could experience payment disputes, errors, confusion and high costs.

The Augmented Invoice module ensures invoicing automation directly from the ERP with consistency and accuracy while elevating client-facing professionalism, so no more missing or lost invoices, and no more manual errors.

Boost profitability and customer satisfaction

Integrated within Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash platform, the Augmented Invoice module automates invoice processing, leading to reduced invoice errors, real-time workflow tracking and expedited payments.

This module gives customers a great experience receiving compliant invoices in preferred formats with the delivery protocol selected by the customer.

The Augmented Invoice module eliminates financial risk, ensures maximum compliance with every new regulation, and drives peak Order-to-Cash process performance. This automated invoice processing also helps lower print and postage costs, improves productivity, and boosts the bottom line.

Adopt automated invoicing software


Ensure invoices comply with customer requirements and preferred format


Automatically track invoice status in a single repository, regardless of how many different systems invoice came from and how invoices were delivered to customers


Effortlessly track invoice status with acknowledgements of receipt and progress reports


Benefit from ultimate insight into invoice status and real-time payment. Move from reactive dispute measures to predictive actions on credit management


Feed your Augmented Cash platform with all invoice-related data to help you increase visibility

Simplify invoice processing through automation

Sidetrade can set up a private cloud solution to connect your business with all your e-ready customers, either directly or through hubs, networks, marketplaces or third parties. For everyone else, Sidetrade can take care of all your outbound accounts receivable invoices, whether they are submitted electronically, printed, mailed or emailed as PDF files.


Paperless processing

Automated processing volumes

Automated invoice copies delivered

Reduced DSO and disputes

Enhanced visibility of invoice status

Boosted customer confidence



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