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We combine next-generation AI and machine learning with B2B customer behaviour data to accelerate and secure cash-flow.
We help businesses to track and manage unpaid invoices faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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Sidetrade Payment Intelligence – SPi
Benchmark how your customers pay you!

Unique to Sidetrade, SPi combines sales and financial data from millions of businesses worldwide, offering you an intelligent segmentation of customers based on cash opportunity or days to pay, and compare how your customers pay you against other suppliers.


Sidetrade’s unique, holistic AI-powered O2C Platform generates and secures cashflow.

The Sidetrade Augmented Cash platform helps companies to increase revenue, protect profitability and optimize working capital through a streamlined Order-to-Cash process.

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Sidetrade Cash Culture – The Salesforce App

Resolve customer payment disputes faster:
Sidetrade’s new Salesforce App supports collaboration between customer-facing staff to solve issues, securing rapid payment and improving customer satisfaction.

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About Sidetrade

At Sidetrade, we believe organizations can unlock value by accelerating the generation of cash currently locked up in their Order-to-Cash operations.

Certified ISO27001, the Sidetrade platform combines next-generation AI and machine learning technology with our unrivalled B2B customer payment behavior data – spanning more than 482 million B2B payment transactions – to intelligently automate companies’ Order-to-Cash processes.

Aimie, our advanced AI-driven Order-to-Cash digital assistant, empowers Finance leaders to increase cash collection efficiency by up to 57% through smart recommendations, reduce payment delays, collect cash faster and optimize working capital.

The Augmented Cash Platform

Sidetrade’s AI-driven Augmented Cash platform accelerates cash generation and streamlines the entire Order-to-Cash operation.

From automating orders, carrying out credit checks and electronically distributing invoices, to optimizing cash collection and efficiently resolving disputes, Sidetrade is the ideal partner to fully support your Accounts Receivable teams to unlock cash flow, quickly.

With each crucial stage of the process underpinned by Sidetrade’s award-winning AI technology, Aimie, you can trust in strong predictive analytics to help you make data-driven decisions and drive efficient process automation. Plus, drive a culture of success monitoring with real-time dashboards and data visualization custom-built by you to help you spot opportunities, proactively combat challenges before they arise, and share your financial successes with stakeholders around the business.

Sidetrade in a few numbers


B2B payment experiences in the last 3 years


worth of invoices


Productivity boost from Aimie’s recommendations


Increase in efficiency through automation with Aimie


Cut in payment delays thanks to Aimie


Organizations using


Countries where Sidetrade is used


Buyer companies worldwide


AI-driven dunning actions in 2020

Trusted by over 2500 companies

Sidetrade’s Order-to-Cash platform is used by global enterprises, international companies and mid-sized organizations. They are united in a desire to secure their cash flow, streamline processes and improve working capital.

Sidetrade supports Nespresso in the pursuit of its customer experience excellence.

Using Sidetrade’s outsourced cash collection service and their Augmented Cash application allowed us to significantly lower the average payment delays of our Business customers, while nurturing high-quality customer relationships with them.

Viseo and Sidetrade Augmented Cash: Excellence and innovation in customer experience.

We’ve been able to slash our DSO by five days in less than five months and we’ve reduced receivables owing by over 90 days in record time.

Loxam improves efficiency, automation and customer satisfaction with Sidetrade Augmented Cash.

Implementing Sidetrade delivered DSO gains of almost €20m. Augmented Cash is used by one in three staff across 600 locations worldwide.

Supporting all B2B industries

Sidetrade operates across all B2B-focused industry sectors. Find out how our AI-driven Order-to-Cash platform helps your peers accelerate cash generation!


Building revenue, digging for cash!


Growing client value and collecting cash quickl!


Driving revenue and delivering improved cash performance!


Building customer revenue and improving cashflow!


Driving revenue and cash in a fast-moving world!


Securing revenue, banking the cash!


Innovate to drive revenue and accelerate cash!


Growing revenue and collecting cash opportunities!


Growing share of customer wallet and collecting cash faster!


Generating revenue and powering improved cash performance

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Sidetrade operates across all B2B-focused industry sectors. Find out how our AI-driven Order-to-Cash platform helps your peers accelerate cash!