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Building customer revenue and improving cashflow

Trends like manufacturing 4.0, IoT and 3D printing have dominated investment in the sector, with much less focus on back office IT systems. A strong understanding of inventory and supply chain is critical to the sector, but this can come at the expense of real understanding of the business drivers, buying habits and profitability of their customer base. Despite the critical importance of working capital in such an asset-intensive sector, manufacturers often lack visibility across billing and credit management which can significantly impact cashflow. Adoption of AI also tends to be low, particularly in the back office.


Sidetrade’s Manufacturing Customers include…

Sidetrade improves your order-to-cash (O2C) process by automating manual tasks and benchmarking how customers pay you versus other suppliers.

AI assistant Aimie proposes the optimum credit terms and assists with collecting cash faster. Sophisticated automation and digital letters can be used to service the majority of your customers, freeing your credit management specialists to focus on higher value, strategic accounts.

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  1. Professionalise your Credit Control team with technology
  2. Collect cash faster and reduce bad debt
  3. Optimise working capital
  4. Improve customer satisfaction through swifter dispute handling

Winning new customers in manufacturing is costly and time-consuming, so retaining and optimising existing customer revenue is key to success. Using sophisticated AI and machine learning, Sidetrade analyses customer behavior and predicts actions most likely to reduce churn and increase both upsell and cross-sell.

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  1. Identify customers likely to churn and execute actions most likely to retain them
  2. Understand the buying patterns of your customers
  3. Generate new sales opportunities through targeted upsell and cross-sell activities
  4. Increase loyalty and customer lifetime value