Sidetrade for
Life Sciences:

Growing revenue and collecting cash faster

The Life Sciences sector is often asset intensive with large investments in R&D and expensive personnel. Customer relationships must be exploited and revenue maximised, something Sidetrade’s AI-driven technology can help with.

Meanwhile collecting cash from customers and solving disputes rapidly is also critical. This can deliver the increased working capital for growth through acquisitions, R&D or marketing.


Sidetrade’s Life Sciences Customers include…

Opitimizing working capital is vital for Life Sciences companies. Sidetrade’s artificial intelligence capability, Aimie, boosts your credit management operation by automating core processes and identifying the most effective strategies for setting payment terms, requesting payment and collecting cash quickly. This accelerates cash flow, reduces delays and cuts bad debts.

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  1. Focus your credit management team on high value activities
  2. Improve cash flow and minimise credit risk
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction by swiftly resolving disputes
  5. Enhance engagement between finance, sales and delivery departments

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning, Sidetrade analyses your customer behavior and predicts the actions most likely to succeed in reducing churn and increase both upsell and cross-sell – offering complementary products or services that clients may not be aware of or are sourcing elsewhere.

Winning new customers in Life Sciences is expensive and time-consuming, so retaining and optimising existing customer revenue is key.

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  1. Identify customers likely to churn and follow proposed best actions
  2. Predict the buying intentions of your existing customers
  3. Generate new sales opportunities through targeted upsell and cross-sell activities
  4. Improve loyalty and customer lifetime value