improves DSO and customer satisfaction with Sidetrade Augmented Cash

Sidetrade’s technology connects one third of our employees with the clients. We have unique visibility, with information shared in real time. Collaboration has become standardized and agile.


Loxam is the market leader – #1 in Europe and #3 worldwide – for the rental of equipment and tools for building and public works, industry, landscaping and services. With 1,100 branches, 11,000 employees and €2.3 billion revenues in 2019, the Loxam Group is established in 30 countries in Europe and has the largest machine fleet on the market.


Sidetrade work amongst the Construction and Mining industry, you can find out more here.


  1. Promote a cash culture across the company
  2. Follow the entire customer invoicing procedure in real time
  3. Prioritize reminder steps
  4. Quickly share information with the agency managers in dispute cases
  5. Lower the rate of late payments
High quality service is a central focus of the Board, and cash is a management imperative. We need top notch customer relations, in addition to summary reporting, especially regarding the monitoring of disputes. Today, Sidetrade Augmented Cash is part of the software that we systematically use with our ERP for each of our subsidiaries, and each person operating in customer relations is provided with the technology.
Patrick Bourmaud

Director of Finance & Administration, LOXAM

Loxam implemented Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash system for its complete customer-to-cash process and has deployed it to 1/3 of staff (1,500 people) across 600 international sales agencies and regional operations.

Loxam’s cash collections team used Sidetrade Digital Collection to deliver interactive and collaborative customer reminders. Sidetrade Analytics gives them full visibility of the cash position of their customers

Implementing Sidetrade delivered DSO gains of almost €20m. It automated customer reminders, improved information flow across customer facing staff and centralized actions for each customer. It allowed for better measurement of staff effectiveness.

Staff have real-time indicators on outstanding payments and risk exposure across the customer portfolio. This helps disseminate a cash culture in Loxam and allows the right people to be involved in making decisions on potentially risky customer situations.

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(1/3 of all Loxam staff)
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