Sidetrade for
Transport & Logistics:

Driving revenue and delivering improved cash performance

Transport & Logistics firms typically have many clients, low margins and high volumes of invoices. In a competitive sector winning new clients is tough so retaining customers and upselling or cross-selling services can improve revenues and profitability.

In the back office, gaining better control of payment terms, improving collection and settling disputes faster can accelerate cash and improve working capital.

Sidetrade’s Transport and Logistics Customers include…

Sidetrade manages your order-to-cash process by automating key tasks and benchmarking how your customers pay against the wider industry. AI assistant Aimie proposes the most effective actions for setting credit terms, chasing payment and collecting cash rapidly. With many Transport & Logistics clients on different contract terms and SLAs, Aimie uses sophisticated automation and digital letters to service the high volume of low value invoices, leaving your Credit Management professionals to focus on the strategic customer accounts. Overall this can accelerate cash flow and reduce credit risk.

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  1. Improve the efficiency of your Credit Management team with technology
  2. Collect outstanding invoices faster and minimise bad debt
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction through swifter dispute handling
  5. Break down barriers between operational and finance teams

With large numbers of clients, multiple contract types and customer-specific SLAs, Transport & Logistics companies often struggle to understand and monitor customer behaviour. Sidetrade’s Augmented Revenue uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify customers at risk of leaving you – proposing the actions most likely to keep them – and those open to upsell and cross-sell. When attracting new customers is expensive and time-consuming, retaining and increasing your existing customer revenue is critical to success.

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  1. Analyse and predict how customers are buying services from you and your competition
  2. Identify and exploit new opportunities in current client accounts
  3. Act swiftly to stop customers moving business to the competition
  4. Increase share of customer spend and lifetime value