Nespresso, part of the Nestlé Group, creates exceptional coffees and innovative machines for brewing espressos and gourmet milk recipes globally.


  1. Wanted to transform the financial customer relationship
  2. DSO was too high
  3. Needed a tailored collection process by customer segment
  4. Looking for a more agile order-to-cash (O2C) processes
  5. Wanted to digitize the cash collection process
Nespresso’s Finance department needed to innovate in order to be a stakeholder in customer experience, value and strong group identity. Sidetrade delivered a disruptive offering for us that included a very careful analysis of our processes and customization around our customer relationships. Since 2006, Sidetrade has positioned itself as a strategic partner that knows how to embrace our corporate culture.
Jean-Michel Cecconi

Administrative and Financial Director, Nespresso France

In 2006, Nespresso France partnered with Sidetrade, which took over the management of the accounts receivable process for its Businesses division.

Totally integrated into the Nespresso ecosystem, Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash technology collects data directly from its ERP, processes it and automates the customer collection process. The expertise of the Sidetrade teams helps the company to manage customer relationships more effectively. Resolution of issues is improved and settlements accelerated.

The Finance department of Nespresso France is informed of any payment problems and can react promptly and directly. In addition, Nespresso has increased transparency and proactivity in its customer relations. The Finance team has access to its performance indicators at any time (cash-flow generation, dispute resolution, drops in the failure rate, etc.) via the Sidetrade mobile app.

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