partnered with Sidetrade to predict financial flows on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and optimize customer relationship.

In less than 3 months, late payments have been lowered by 1 day for the Delivery Division, representing a cash gain of millions of Euros.

Logistics and Supply Chain Cash Collection Challenges

  1. Reorganise the Credit management of the GEODIS WILSON network
  2. Optimise client outstanding by using a common solution and shared procedures over 12 countries
  3. Professionalize cash collection teams
  4. Reduce late payment
  5. Share information at all levels in its network
  6. Get a real-time visibility
To be able to tailor the solution to our internal issues, the team from Sidetrade assumed a very pragmatic advisor role. We are unanimous in our opinion of the efficiency and speed with which Sidetrade deployed the solution, in successive waves. It is very comforting and reassuring to be able to rely on professionals during a project of this scale. Without this precise and customized approach to our situation, we run the risk of our divisions not being able to adjust to decentralized management, or not being able to align all of our procedures.
Alain Guyard

Director of Finance and Administration of Geodis Wilson

Geodis Wilson, the Logistics and Supply Chain operator improved their Cash Collection strategies through implementing the Sidetrade solution which provided key technical and economical benefits compared to traditional solutions.

Having experienced both internal and external growth, GEODIS WILSON was consequently faced with the heterogeneity of its information systems. It therefore decided to undertake a profound overhaul with the goal of streamlining its IT tools and processes. The objectives aimed at achieving both consistency and quality in its services at all levels in its network, harmonising the offer with client needs, standardising its operations and increasing productivity.


The approach used is founded on common business practices, maximum authorised monthly outstanding tracked on a monthly basis, and a solution that steers and executes the collection process. As such, Credit Management surpasses the simple notion of collection. It is based on the precise definition of the roles and responsibilities of each function (sales, operations, accounting and collection). This makes it possible to focus on improving customer relations at a deeper level, productivity and professionalization.

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and productivity gained