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Driving Revenue and Cash in a fast-moving world!

The CPG (consumer packaged goods) sector – also known as FMCG – is characterised by low margins, high market pressures and ever-changing consumer demands. With retailers often seeming to be in control, CPG companies need to focus on maximising revenue from their existing customer relationships while relentlessly driving cash collection to optimise working capital and support new product development.

Sidetrade’s CPG Customers include…

Sidetrade improves the order-to-cash (O2C) process of CPG companies by automating key tasks, and benchmarking how their customers pay against the wider industry. AI assistant Aimie proposes the most effective actions for setting credit terms, chasing payment and collecting cash rapidly. This accelerates cash flow and reduces credit risk.

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  1. Supercharge your collectors with technology
  2. Drive cash quickly and minimise bad debt
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction through swifter dispute handling
  5. Break down barriers between sales, delivery and finance departments

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning, Sidetrade analyses your customer behavior and predicts the actions most likely to succeed in reducing churn and increase both upsell and cross-sell. Winning new customers in CPG is expensive and time-consuming, so retaining and optimising existing customer revenue is key.

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  1. Predict your customers’ buying intentions
  2. Identify and exploit new opportunities in current customers
  3. Act quickly to prevent customers moving to the competition
  4. Increase customer lifetime value