Sidetrade for
Financial Services:

Securing revenue, banking the cash!

Financial Services for B2B is highly competitive; differentiation is often poor and margins can be thin. Developing long term customer relationships is essential and a strong focus on retention, upsell and cross-sell is critical to revenue growth and profitability. An effective, efficient credit management process helps maintain strong customer relationships, settle disputes rapidly and optimise working capital.


Sidetrade’s Financial Services Customers include…

Aimie improves the credit management performance of Financial Services companies by benchmarking customer payment behavior to identify the most effective strategies for setting payment terms, requesting payment and collecting cash quickly. This drives cash flow faster by reducing both payment terms and delays.

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  1. Improve efficiency of your credit management team
  2. Grow cash flow and cut credit risk
  3. Optimise working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction by resolving disputes faster
  5. Enhance collaboration between sales, delivery and finance teams

Aimie, Sidetrade’s AI assistant predicts the buying behaviour of B2B customers and proposes the optimum responses to minimise churn and maximise upsell and cross-sell. In the Financial Services sector where customers are hard won, technology to increase revenue per customer is crucial to maintaining profitability and competitive edge.

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  1. Anticipate buying intentions of your existing customers
  2. Predict new sales opportunities from current customers
  3. Proactively take action for customers at risk of leaving you
  4. Grow customer lifetime value