Meet Aimie: Unrivaled Generative AI in O2C Optimization

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For AI to truly excel, it requires extensive training on relevant, domain-specific data. This unparalleled volume ensures that every recommendation made by Aimie is backed by unmatched expertise.

Sidetrade’s data lake, hosted on a private cloud, exclusively houses order-to-cash financial data. This unique setup allows Sidetrade to customize and train its AI models specifically for order-to-cash, ensuring unrivaled accuracy and effectiveness.

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Data Security, Governance, & Privacy

Programmed by Sidetrade’s best in class engineers and data scientists, Aimie is bound by four guiding principles:

Transparency – Decision-making criteria are defined and publicly available to users

Clarity – Procedures and recommendations are clearly explained to users

Accuracy – Procedures are frequently reviewed and are applied exactly as described

Objectivity – Data reflects reality; predictive models are constantly tested and improved