Meet Aimie, Sidetrade’s AI-powered Order-to-Cash assistant


What makes Aimie so popular…

Aimie is dedicated to helping finance teams work smarter and faster across the whole Order-to-Cash process to yield the best results in retention, upsell, cross-sell, and cash collection.

She is Sidetrade’s next generation self-learning AI technology leveraging the unrivalled Sidetrade data lake. She takes valuable insights from customer behaviour to deliver real-time advanced analytics, recommend the most effective and efficient Order-to-Cash actions, and automate many repetitive tasks.

For any business wanting to decrease payment delays and customer churn, Aimie is the perfect virtual assistant.

Aimie is a top performer

Aimie helps companies become more innovative, flexible, and adaptive. She accelerates productivity and competitiveness, while helping to speed up digital transformation. In 2023 alone, Aimie delivered over 40 million AI-driven dunning actions to Sidetrade’s clients. 

Aimie can adapt and pivot with changing times, making quick and decisive moves to best serve the needs of the business. She works around the clock to support organizations in driving enhanced accounts receivable performance.

Collection Success
Wasted activities
Payment delay

Getting better Order-to-Cash results today with Aimie

AI-powered Aimie aids innovation; she increases efficiency, accuracy, and agility across the Order-to-Cash process:

  • Segmenting buyers and recommending which collection tactics are most likely to succeed
  • Managing collection activities for chosen segments alone
  • Processing automation and suggesting smart dunning actions
  • Offering a wealth of buyers insights such as how they pay other suppliers and how likely they are to dispute invoices
  • Reading and filing customer case emails and prioritizing workloads on appropriate account manager


Aimie: trusted by world-class finance leaders

Programmed by Sidetrade’s best in class engineers and data scientists, Aimie is bound by four guiding principles:

Transparency – Decision-making criteria are defined and publicly available to users

Clarity – Procedures and recommendations are clearly explained to users

Accuracy – Procedures are frequently reviewed and are applied exactly as described

Objectivity – Data reflects reality; predictive models are constantly tested and improved

Where artificial and human intelligence meet

Aimie empowers successful finance and sales teams. She is a valued teammate who enriches human ability.

Aimie accelerates human decision-making with data-driven recommendations. She ensures customers are targeted with the most effective action at the right time.

She deals with repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so that her human co-workers can concentrate on their core business.

Aimie continuously learns alongside staff and becomes an extension of the finance team.



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