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Innovate to drive revenue and accelerate cash!

Innovation is in the DNA of ICT firms, so they are more used to leading than following trends. The ‘as-a-service’ or subscription business model is becoming dominant across much of the sector, creating an imperative to focus on customer retention, upsell and cross-sell. Collecting cash and solving disputes rapidly is also critical to driving customer success and maximising lifetime value. Businesses able to recognise cash quickly can leverage the increased working capital into growth through investment in acquisitions, R&D or sales and marketing.


Sidetrade’s ICT Customers include…

Aimie enhances your credit management operation by automating core processes and identifying the most effective strategies for setting payment terms, requesting payment and collecting cash quickly. This accelerates cash flow, reduces delays and cuts bad debts.

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  1. Focus your credit management team on high value activities
  2. Improve cash flow and minimise credit risk
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction by swiftly resolving disputes
  5. Enhance engagement between finance, sales and delivery departments

Sidetrade applies advanced AI, via its virtual assistant, Aimie, to predict customer behaviour and propose the best actions to retain customers and increase upsell and cross-sell. In the ICT sector where customer acquisition costs are typically high and subscription models dominate, reducing churn and growing customer revenues is critical to success.

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  1. Identify customers likely to churn and follow proposed best actions
  2. Predict the buying intentions of your existing customers
  3. Generate new sales opportunities through targeted cross-sell activities
  4. Improve loyalty and customer lifetime value