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Growing share of customer wallet and collecting cash faster

The B2B Retail sector has focused on eCommerce and customer facing systems but rarely on systems for understanding customer buying and payment behavior. Increased competition and the need to retain customers and grow the share of their spend has become ever-more critical. Managing the high volume of customers, sales and invoices is also challenging.

Sidetrade’s Retail Customers include…

Sidetrade improves the order-to-cash process by automating key tasks, and benchmarking how your customers pay against the wider industry. AI assistant Aimie proposes the most effective actions for setting credit terms, chasing payment and collecting cash rapidly. Sophisticated automation and digital letters can be used to service customers digitally and manage the high volume, low value customers. Overall this can accelerate cash flow and reduce credit risk.

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  1. Improve your Credit Control team’s professional standing
  2. Collect cash and minimise bad debt
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction through swifter dispute handling
  5. Eliminate barriers between finance, operational and customer teams

Sidetrade uses sophisticated AI and machine learning to predict customer behavior and the best actions to reduce attrition and grow both upsell and cross-sell. We can also help Retailers to understand where customers are spending and how much of that is with you versus the competition. Ideal for growing customer revenue and value!

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  1. Predict your customers’ buying behaviour and reduce churn
  2. Identify and exploit new sales opportunities in current customer accounts
  3. Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value