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Episode #7 Crush your career: From Credit Management to Customer Success

Home » Company » PodcastsHave you ever found yourself at a career crossroads, wondering if

Episode #6 Trailblazing career paths of three inspirational women in tech

Home » Company » PodcastsThere is no one size fits all journey when it comes

Episode #5 Secrets of a successful sales kick-off with Bill North

Home » Company » PodcastsReady to master your sales kick-offs (SKOs)? Don’t miss out on

Episode #4 Unlock your tech career:​ Sidetrade Code Academy breaks down entry barriers!​

Home » Company » PodcastsReady to take the first step towards a brighter future in

Episode #3 Building Sidetrade’s leading AI product with Rob Harvey

Change is a constant force, and so is Product teams’ knack for adapting to the times. Few individuals grasp this concept better than Rob Harvey, the Chief Product Officer at Sidetrade, whose extensive career in Order-to-Cash has exposed him to the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities.

Episode #2 Supercharging Sidetrade’s Sales teams in Europe with JC Charpenet

Home » Company » PodcastsEver wondered what a top performing Salesperson does differently? Or how

Episode #1 Sidetrade’s innovation odyssey with Mark Sheldon – your path to tech excellence

Curious about the inner workings of a Hackathon? Wondering how innovation thrives in Sidetrade’s culture? Step into the world of innovation and tech mastery. In this episode, Sidetrade Chief Technology Officer Mark Sheldon unveils the secrets behind Sidetrade’s tech excellence. Tune in and find out why small tech squads lead the charge, explore our cutting-edge AI, and delve into our modern tech stack.

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