Sidetrade’s innovation odyssey with Mark Sheldon – your path to tech excellence

Curious about the inner workings of a Hackathon? Wondering how innovation thrives in Sidetrade’s culture?

Step into the world of innovation and tech mastery. In this episode, Sidetrade Chief Technology Officer Mark Sheldon unveils the secrets behind Sidetrade’s tech excellence.

Tune in and find out why small tech squads lead the charge, explore our cutting-edge AI, and delve into our modern tech stack.

Meet your AI and Machine Learning guru Mark Sheldon

Having joined Sidetrade in 2016 as Chief Technology Officer, Mark has been instrumental in leading Sidetrade’s Research and Development team. Based in Birmingham (UK), he oversees a team of 80+ brilliant minds across the globe, including data scientists, software developers, QA testers.

Mark’s expertise and dedication are evident, as he previously founded a Machine Learning platform that captivated Sidetrade’s attention. This speaks volumes about his innovative contributions to the field of AI.

Connect with Sheldon on LinkedIn for insights into his AI journey.

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