Unlock your tech career:​ Sidetrade Code Academy breaks down entry barriers!​

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter future in tech?

Join us on this episode of Sidetrade Inside Out, where host Andy Lion talks to Luke Hennerley, Principal Engineer, about the transformative power of Sidetrade Code Academy.

Since 2018, Sidetrade Code Academy has shattered conventional barriers to entry-level tech careers in the West Midlands, UK.

Gone are the days when aspiring tech enthusiasts were required to have years of academic prerequisites or coding experience.

Discover how Sidetrade Code Academy has ignited the careers of countless individuals, unleashing their potential in the dynamic world of technology.

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Meet the visionary leader of Sidetrade Code Academy, Luke Hennerley

Joining Sidetrade in 2018 as Lead Application Engineer before earning a promotion to Principal Engineer, Luke is an awesome member of Sidetrade’s R&D team.

Not only did he conceive the original idea for Sidetrade Code Academy, which launched in 2018, but Luke has also remained instrumental in the program’s ongoing success, contributing to its course design, implementation and execution.

Luke’s dedication has played a significant role in the program’s impressive year-on-year growth in applications and its success.

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