Supercharging Sidetrade’s Sales teams in Europe with JC Charpenet

Ever wondered what a top performing Salesperson does differently? Or how a consultative approach is a game changer for making a Sale? And what on earth is ‘The Race’ at Sidetrade?

In this episode, Sidetrade VP Sales Europe, JC Charpenet, reveals all! 

Tune in to find out the secrets of a top performing Salesperson!

Meet your Sales superstar, JC Charpenet

Jean-Claude Charpenet (AKA JC) joined Sidetrade in 2015, bringing with him experience in the Information and Communication Technology industry. Prior to that, he founded a software company in the early 2000s. 

Since joining Sidetrade, the company has tripled its revenue while introducing significant innovations in the Order-to-Cash (O2C) cycle. Notably, with the help of its unique Data Lake, Sidetrade possesses a vast database comprising over €4.6 trillion of B2B transactions, along with more than 600 million invoices from clients, sent to over 20 million buyers worldwide. 

Leveraging this wealth of information, Sidetrade has been able to develop and market the first operational AI dedicated to O2C, which is now being used by numerous companies.

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