Trailblazing career paths of three inspirational women in tech

There is no one size fits all journey when it comes to careers in tech.

And no one knows this better than our guests on this episode!

Get ready to be truly inspired as we talk about why you shouldn’t be deterred from applying for a job role you want, professional pivots, career tips, and the value of mentorship!

Meet three inspirational women in tech at Sidetrade

Elodie Ravachol
Area VP of Product

Can you believe that Elodie started her career in Product as a marketing maestro?!

Now, she’s a in a pivotal global role in Product steering a team of product managers towards innovation and excellence. She orchestrates the launch of groundbreaking features, blending vision and leadership skills. Elodie is also passionate about busting pre-misconceptions about what a career in tech looks like and is a fervent advocate for female empowerment in the tech industry.

Natasha Rollason
Junior software developer engineer in test

Having successfully graduated from Sidetrade Code Academy in 2019, Natasha has been enjoying a rewarding career at Sidetrade tech hub in Birmingham, UK.

Always striving to build further on her achievements, Natasha is an advocate for self-learning, like with her completion of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. She is an inspiration to her Sidetrade colleagues and a regular attendee of women in tech events to connect with the wider community.

Naomi Smith
VP of Pre-Sales for Northern Europe

Naomi’s story is a powerful reminder that early setbacks are not indicative of one’s future potential. Overcoming an initial low grade in ICT, she has charted an impressive course, now leading Sidetrade’s Northern Europe Pre-Sales team with distinction. Since joining the company in 2018, Naomi has become a cornerstone of Sidetrade’s culture. Beyond her primary role, she showcases her versatility by donning a journalist’s hat, engaging Sidetrade’s senior leadership in enlightening fireside chats during all-company meetings. Her journey underscores resilience and the ability to transform challenges into stepping stones for success.

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