Building Sidetrade’s leading AI product with Rob Harvey

Change is a constant force, and so is Product teams’ knack for adapting to the times.

Few individuals grasp this concept better than Rob Harvey, the Chief Product Officer at Sidetrade, whose extensive career in Order-to-Cash has exposed him to the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities.

Tune in to find out how Rob’s team infuses agility and innovation into every facet of their work.

Meet your Product pro Rob Harvey

Rob Harvey, Sidetrade’s second-ever employee in the UK, has had an impressive and varied career to date.

Starting as a Principal Solutions Consultant in 2012, Rob’s worked his way up the ranks at Sidetrade reaching his current position as Chief Product Officer.

At the helm of a global Product team, Rob plays a pivotal role in steering Sidetrade forward. The impactful work of his team has been instrumental in securing Sidetrade’s leadership position. With a keen eye on innovation, Rob is well-versed in the intricate process of developing cutting-edge AI products, showcasing his deep understanding of what it takes to lead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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