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Join host, Andy Lion, Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Sidetrade, as he chats to Sidetraders from all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, France, United States and Canada.

And from every department too – from R&D to Product, Sales, to Marketing, and much more! 

And remember… People Make Sidetrade Unique!

Meet your host Andy Lion

As the Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Sidetrade, Andy has an impressive 15-year journey shaping talent acquisition within the innovative technology and SaaS landscape.

Guiding ambitious individuals towards their next career is Andy’s forte, as he artfully matches talent with opportunity.

Whether it’s Tech talent, Sales specialists, Marketing visionaries or Product virtuosos, Andy’s expertise ensures the perfect fit.

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience.

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