Cash Culture

Simplify the management of customer disputes from within your Salesforce CRM system

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Streamline dispute management

Collaboration is key to successful dispute resolution. World-class dispute management processes link all customer-facing stakeholders together, encouraging collaboration and information sharing.

A properly structured process allows each dispute to be allocated, managed and resolved quickly. Increased visibility and collaboration leads to a quicker time-to-resolution, higher overall customer satisfaction, and – importantly – more cash being collected.

Our Cash Culture app enables organizations using Sidetrade Digital Case to consolidate and share details of customer payment disputes via their Salesforce CRM.

Cash Culture unites customer-facing teams, ensuring each stakeholder has access to dispute information. Increased collaboration across the sales-to-cash cycle speeds up resolution, reducing cash tied up in disputes and improving customer experience.


Do you have a complex, inefficient dispute management process?

Do you store customer account details, order history and payment information in disparate systems across the organization?

Do you suffer from stakeholder misalignment and lack of collaboration?

Do you currently use Sidetrade Digital Case and Salesforce CRM?

Manage payment disputes directly within Salesforce

  1. Consolidate Digital Case customer dispute details from within your Salesforce environment
  2. Increase stakeholder alignment and collaboration
  3. Enhance customer experience across the order-to-cash process
  4. Improve your time-to-resolution and ensure invoices are paid faster

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  • Extend the functionality of your Digital Case module
  • View customer payment disputes within Salesforce
  • Quickly access information
  • View a full history of disputes
  • Easily consolidate your virtual paper trail
  • Real-time updates

Extend the functionality of your Digital Case module

If you’re using Sidetrade Digital Case, as well as Salesforce CRM, you can combine these applications with Cash Culture – giving you a single point of entry into your dispute management process.

View customer payment disputes within Salesforce

For the first time, you’ll be able to consolidate customer case details into one system. With Cash Culture, anyone with a Salesforce login within your organization can view a full history of customer disputes in your Digital Case module.

Quickly access information

Say goodbye to the challenge of having to search through multiple systems for the information you need to provide resolutions to customer disputes – with Cash Culture, you can use filters to search for a specific case by ID, subject, account name or dispute code.

View a full history of disputes

Whether you work in sales, finance or customer success, when you add Cash Culture to your Salesforce environment, you can view a full history of payment disputes linked to each customer when you load the account page.

Easily consolidate your virtual paper trail

When you open a case from within Salesforce, you can quickly access all related information – including the thread of emails and comments, the status, the assignee, the requester information, the linked invoices, the account in dispute, and the deadline. This helps all stakeholders involved to access the information they need.

Real-time updates

Anyone viewing a customer dispute in Digital Case in Salesforce can leave a comment to provide further information – this comment is then visible in real-time within your Sidetrade Augmented Cash platform, so whichever system you’re working from, you’ll always be seeing the latest update on the case.


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