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Accounts Receivable analytics software

A key step in the order-to-cash process is analyzing the success of your collection efforts. While the dash for cash often takes center stage, analytics is a crucial component of your collection process that shouldn’t be neglected.

Sidetrade Analytics provides you with full visibility across the entire Order-to-Cash process, enabling you to increase data-driven decision-making and reduce dependence on Excel. Intuitive, real-time dashboards and flexible reporting powered by Tableau, the leading data visualization and business intelligence solution, allow you to view your organization’s cash position at a global, regional and local level, monitor key indicators and drill down into any area of the business if you spot an issue or an opportunity.

Dashboards showing KPIs such as DSO, aging balances, changes in payment behavior, long-term forecasts and credit management team performance can all be extracted and shared to improve cross-company visibility and coordination.

Uncover Patterns to Protect and Grow Cash

  1. Take your power of data perception to the next level with dynamic analytics, powered by Tableau
  2. Identify cash opportunities and take action sooner on potential issues in your order-to-cash chain
  3. Use key indicators to prioritize actions to generate additional cash
  4. Set your own reporting parameters and easily share KPIs across departments



Sidetrade Analytics helps you take your reporting further than just KPIs on a spreadsheet – with both prebuilt and customizable reports on company performance metrics, invoice and payment data, cases and dispute related claims, collection activities, team performance metrics and much more, you can celebrate your successes in real-time and spot issues before they arise.


With Sidetrade Analytics, you can spot untapped cash potential from real-time dashboards, measure team productivity and monitor customer payment behavior trends over time. You can drill down into any KPI to help you prioritize team workload, measure productivity, and monitor customer portfolio performance – giving you better insight into your entire order-to-cash process and enabling you to proactively share insights that matter across the organization.


Sidetrade Analytics is powered by the industry-leading data visualization tool, Tableau. With over 100 custom filters and dynamic, personalized dashboards, you can dive further into your O2C process than standard out-of-the-box reporting allows, helping you accelerate cash flow with the best analytical capabilities around.

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