Cash Culture – Salesforce App for customer dispute resolution

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Simplify the management of customer disputes from within your Salesforce CRM system with Cash Culture by Sidetrade. Cash Culture enables you to consolidate and share the details of customer payment disputes between key stakeholders across different departments, helping resolve disputes, improve the customer journey and get invoices paid faster.

Cash Culture allows you to consolidate and share the Digital Case information related to customer payment disputes with anyone who has access to your Salesforce CRM system, so that members of the Finance, Sales, Account Management, Operations and Customer Service teams can collaborate to resolve disputes effectively.

If one of your main challenges is having customer account details, order history and payment information stored in disparate systems across your organization, implementing Cash Culture will reduce time spent searching different databases for relevant information – anyone with a Salesforce login who has a relationship with the customer will be able to search all dispute cases from directly within Salesforce.

The increased visibility and ease of access that Cash Culture provides will reduce hold-ups in the process, speed up time-to resolution, and enable you to simplify customer case management.

To find out more, please visit the cash culture page on Salesforce AppExchange.