Cash Culture

Collaboratively resolve customer disputes from within your Salesforce CRM

Our Cash Culture Salesforce app helps you promote dispute resolution to all customer-facing staff, by attaching customer dispute details from Digital Case to the customer’s record within your Salesforce environment. Cross-departmental collaboration is essential for a streamlined, optimized payment dispute resolution process, as the solution is often outside the Finance team. If you’re already using Digital Case, our AI-powered dispute management module, Cash Culture will complement your existing process with enhanced collaboration features to boost the success of your dispute management even further.

With the ability to view dispute information in real-time within Salesforce, your sales or account management teams can proactively investigate the issue and quickly solve the problem – releasing the barrier to payment, keeping the customer happy and unlocking future business opportunity with them.

Create a cash culture for collaborative dispute resolution

Collaboration is key to successful dispute resolution. World-class dispute management processes are collaborative, engaging all customer-facing stakeholders in the search for a quick resolution that helps unlock cash. This is sometimes referred to as a “cash culture”.

By creating a cash culture in your organization, you can develop properly structured processes that ensure each dispute is allocated, managed and resolved quickly. Increased visibility and collaboration leads to a quicker time-to-resolution, higher overall customer satisfaction, and – importantly – more cash being collected.

Our Cash Culture app enables organizations using Sidetrade Digital Case to consolidate and share details of customer payment disputes via their Salesforce CRM.

Cash Culture unites customer-facing teams, ensuring each stakeholder has access to dispute information. Increased collaboration across the sales-to-cash cycle speeds up resolution, reducing cash tied up in disputes and improving customer experience.

Manage payment disputes directly within Salesforce

View customer dispute details from Digital Case in real time within your Salesforce environment

Boost stakeholder alignment and collaboration to create a cash culture

Enhance your customer experience by resolving disputes quickly and effectively

Improve your time-to-resolution and ensure invoices are paid faster