Industry Leading Accounts Receivable Software

Sidetrade Augmented Cash (formerly known as Sidetrade Financials) is a SaaS accounts receivable software solution that improves your performance by benchmarking customer payment behavior, identifying untapped cash opportunities, and recommending the best actions for your collection team.

By analyzing your sales and financial data along with 230+ million payment transactions from millions of companies, Sidetrade Augmented Cash allows you to compare your average days to payment and your payment terms against the Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi) benchmark. Augmented Cash generates a simulation of cash flow impacts from reducing both payment terms and/or delays.

With machine learning algorithms, Sidetrade’s accounts receivable software improves the efficiency of your collection department by recommending the best dunning actions at the right time taking into consideration your resource availability and automating outbound actions via email or mail. Additionally, Sidetrade Augmented Cash can support AR automation initiatives by automating routine billing inquiries to address simple questions, sort issues per account, and direct the highest priorities to your collection agents for attention.

Sidetrade Payment Intelligence
Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi) provides a benchmark of average payment days and terms


  • Better manage your customer payment behavior
  • Deploy the best collection actions at the right time
  • Increase collaboration between sales, delivery, and financial departments
  • Improve efficiency of your collection department
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing dispute resolution time
  • Reduce bad debt and increase cash flow


Sidetrade Augmented Collection

Augmented Collection – the heart of Sidetrade’s accounts receivable software solution – recommends actions based on continual analysis of many variables, including the workload of your team, Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi) scores, invoice characteristics, revenue history, and more. As the leading AR automation system globally, Augmented Collection also identifies and automates all routine tasks involved with your receivables management.

Sidetrade Augmented Collection Dashboard
Sidetrade Digitalcase

Sidetrade Digital Case

Digital Case is a key element in AR automation. It automates electronic communication to offload routine claims and dispute-related emails from your customer service and finance departments so they can focus on higher priority issues. Digital Case identifies incoming requests, links to the relevant customer account, and redirects the email to the relevant account team.

Sidetrade Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management combines payment behavior and financial commitments on an account to better assess customer risk.  External financial information sources such as CreditSafe, Ellisphere, Coface, or credit insurers such as Euler Hermes can also be integrated into this key module within Sidetrade’s accounts receivable software.


Sidetrade Analytics

Analytics is a key part of a leading accounts receivable software package. Based on industry leading Tableau Software, Sidetrade Analytics graphically displays your customer, sales and financial data. Details on late payments, changes in payment behavior, and team performance are represented in intuitive, real-time dashboards.

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