Augmented Cash – the AI-driven Order-to-Cash Platform

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Accelerate cash flow and gain indepth insight into your customers with Augmented Cash.

Augmented Cash from Sidetrade is a SaaS accounts receivable automation solution that improves your credit management performance by predicting the best strategies for securing prompt payments, settling disputes faster and reducing credit risk to accelerate cash collection.

Sidetrade’s AI-driven accounts receivable software improves the efficiency of your credit control department by recommending the best dunning actions at the right time. Aimie supports AR automation initiatives by automating outbound actions and processing inbound customer emails. It handles routine billing inquiries, sorts issues per account, and directs the highest priorities to your collection agents for attention.

Introduce our industry-leading artificial intelligence solution into your Accounts Receivable function to reduce payment delays, identify untapped cash opportunities, and improve internal collaboration and customer experience. Sidetrade’s Augmented Cash is a comprehensive software system powered by machine learning to help you drive efficiency and accelerate your cash flow.

Our industry-leading artificial intelligence software – the engine at the heart of our solution – works to analyze your own sales and financial data alongside 313+ million payment transactions from millions of companies, to allow you to effectively benchmark your days to payment and credit terms against other companies in your industry.