Credit management software

Our AI functionality is unrivalled – not only does it automate dunning actions but it can also predict customer payment behavior, and work to auto-assign dispute cases for faster resolution.

To begin with, we selected some of the key comparisons on the market for Credit Management Software, that frequently come up when we talk to businesses. As you digest the comparisons, consider asking yourself: “What’s our business goal?”.

By starting with your objectives rather than a tick list of features to compare against, we think you may develop better requirements that are more aligned with solving your existing problems and ensuring any new integrations help the company long-term.

Buyer’s Guide

How Does Sidetrade Compare?

Below, the table provides a high-level overview of how Sidetrade technology compares to Rimilia, Onguard, SAP and HighRadius. Sidetrade’s unique Order-to-Cash platform helps companies improve revenue, grow profitability and optimize working capital. We hear from businesses across all industries demand more visibility, improved efficiency and challenge their current, sometimes outdated, processes.

Collection / Disputes Management
Sidetrade Rimilia Onguard SAP HighRadius
Predictive KPIs
Rule-based Collection
AI-driven collection
Dispute management
AI-driven case management
Customer portal/ Digital collection
Cash application
Cash forecasting
Mobile application
Salesforce app
Unlimited user licenses with no additional fees
Works with single or multiple ERPs


* Coming in 2021

Key comparisons

Sidetrade’s mission is to help organisations unlock customer value. We help you retain customers for longer, sell more to those customers and get your invoices paid on time. We can offer functionality to fit the entire O2C cycle underpinned by AI tactics, powered by a huge amount of data – we are not just a customer payment reminder engine.

In difficult times when securing cash is critical to corporate survival, Sidetrade’s dedicated Artificial Intelligence, Aimie, delivers predictive analytics and automation proven to deliver better results than purely manual or ERP-driven solutions.

We truly are global, with case studies from large, well-known brands.

Our instant demo functionality is like nothing else our competitors have to offer. You can customize your own demo easily and watch on-demand, it’s easy to share with team members and shows how our products apply to real-life solution.

We’ve been around since 2000, thus our data lake has over 20 years’ worth of customer payment data. Despite our breadth of functionality and deep data lake, our systems are intuitive, and easy to use and be trained on.

Our experts have analysed some of the popular options for Credit Management Software in this table including; Rimilia and HighRadius.

One of our main challenges was that we wanted to implement the solution quickly. We met Sidetrade in August and were live by October. It was great because Sidetrade were able to deliver what we were after in such a short space of time; we’re a business that doesn’t like to hang around!

Director of Tax and Treasury at Tenth Revolution Group


Artificial Intelligence assistant, Customer value driver

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