Use the power of AI to automate Accounts Receivable

Augmented Cash from Sidetrade is a SaaS accounts receivable automation solution that improves your credit management performance by predicting the best strategies for securing prompt payments, settling disputes faster and reducing credit risk to accelerate cash collection.

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Industry Leading Order-to-Cash Software

Aimie, Sidetrade’s AI assistant, analyzes your sales and financial data along with 313+ million payment transactions from millions of companies to create Sidetrade Payment Intelligence (SPi). Augmented Cash allows you to compare your average days to payment and your payment terms against the SPi benchmark. It generates a simulation of cash flow impacts from reducing both payment terms and/or delays.

Sidetrade’s AI-driven accounts receivable software improves the efficiency of your credit control department by recommending the best dunning actions at the right time. Aimie supports AR automation initiatives by automating outbound actions and processing inbound customer emails. It handles routine billing inquiries, sorts issues per account, and directs the highest priorities to your collection agents for attention.

Benefits of Sidetrade’s Credit Management Software

  1. Improve efficiency of your collection department
  2. Increase cash flow and reduce bad debt
  3. Improve working capital
  4. Increase customer satisfaction by resolving disputes faster
  5. Enhance collaboration between sales, delivery and finance departments

Augmented Cash Suite

Augmented Collection

Augmented Collection is the heart of Sidetrade’s AI-driven accounts receivable software solution. Aimie, Sidetrade’s award-winning AI technology recommends actions based on continual analysis of many variables including your invoice characteristics, revenue history, successful dunning actions, team workload, and your customers’ payment patterns along with insights from 313+ million payment behaviors and 50+ million dunning actions held within the Sidetrade Payment Intelligence database. As the leading AR automation system globally, Augmented Collection also identifies and automates all routine tasks involved with your receivables management. Modules include Digital Collection, Payment Plans, Cash Target.

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Digital Case

Dispute management is a process critical to the success of AR automation. Digital Case streamlines communications between your cash collectors and customers by providing an email system directly within Sidetrade Augmented Cash. It increases productivity by automatically assigning inbound queries to the right person or account team, simplifies case management and provides a consolidated view across all stakeholders including sales, operations and delivery managers. Digital Case ensures that your resolution process adheres to your SLAs.

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Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management combines payment behavior and financial commitments on an account to better assess customer risk. External financial information sources such as CreditSafe, Ellisphere, Coface, or credit insurers such as Euler Hermes can be integrated to give a complete picture of each customer’s risk profile. This can then be shared across all of your customer-facing departments, ensuring that risk is taken into account at all stages of the customer lifecycle and appropriate credit limits are set by account. Integrated with Sidetrade Augmented Cash, you have a single software platform to manage credit limits, insurance guarantees, disputes, and collections.

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Sidetrade Analytics

Analytics is a key part of a world class accounts receivable software package. Based on industry leading Tableau Software, Sidetrade Analytics graphically displays your customer, sales and financial data. Details on late payments, changes in payment behavior, and team performance are represented in intuitive, real-time dashboards. Analytics Insights provides packaged reports, while Analytics Discovery gives you the flexibility to create customizable reports. Sidetrade analytics finally gives senior Credit Management and Finance leaders visibility across the entire cash collection process.

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