CashControl – embrace digital cash collection technology from your home offices for FREE

During this period of uncertainty, we have considered how Sidetrade can help companies stay connected, manage their staff working remotely and secure their essential cash collection activities – without adding extra expense. We are offering our digital cash collection system for FREE during the C-19 crisis.

Sidetrade’s AugmentedCash collection system helps companies quickly and easily secure and manage their collection process fully online. This is ideal with teams working remotely and customers’ offices closed, meaning that letters and phone calls are likely to go unanswered.

Augmented Cash can be implemented remotely and go live in just 1 week, at no cost to you, so your collectors could be up and running regardless of where they are based.

Are your customers struggling to pay their invoices in today’s crisis? Give them an option to split their outstanding invoices with PaymentPlans by Sidetrade, click here to watch. Meaning, you continue to get cash in.

The CashControl Offer

  • To support

    All SMBs in these difficult times Sidetrade, the leading global provider of proven AI-driven, Digital Cash Collection systems offers you its solution FOR FREE during the C-19 crisis.

  • With AugmentedCash

    You can quickly and easily secure and manage your collection process fully online with your cash collection team working remotely.

  • Offer includes

    DigitalCollection supporting interactive dunning letters to help you get paid without physical letters or phone calls.

  • Go live

    In just 1 week! We just need a spreadsheet or flat file from your accounting system to start enabling your team to accelerate your cash.

AugmentedCash will allow you to

  • Easily

    Communicate outstanding payments with your customers via interactive emails

  • Encourage

    A collaborative interaction with your customers

  • Adapt

    Your dunning strategies to current circumstances

  • Monitor

    The activities and effectiveness of your team

  • Manage

    Workload across the team if people are unable to work

  • Track

    The performance of your dunning campaigns

Aimie your Credit AI Assistant

Virtual Assistant, Aimie


Artificial Intelligence assistant customer engagement driver

Aimie tackles the big business challenges

  • Where are cashflow opportunities?
  • How can we enhance credit management?
  • How can we improve sales collaboration?

Aimie users are progressing by leaps and bounds with


AugmentedCash moves your cash collection process online, avoiding issues with mail and phone calls, optimizes contact information with real-time updates via the centralized database, and provides visibility of your entire cash collection process.

Contact us now to find out more. We do have limited resources so will be implementing this on a first-come, first-served basis.

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