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Use the power of AI to automate Accounts Receivable in

Staffing Services

Success in the Staffing and Services sector is driven by utilisation, so maximising revenue, loyalty and lifetime value from existing clients is critical. With many clients and high invoice volumes, credit management can be challenging, from setting payment terms to ensuring prompt payment and solving disputes swiftly. That’s where automation and AI can help, cutting payment delays, speeding up dispute resolution and accelerating cash into the business. Sidetrade is used widely within the Staffing industry to help them achieve dependable revenue growth and cashflow.

In this ebook, we look at how global recruitment organizations secure prompt payments, settle disputes faster and reduce credit risk. Leading recruitment businesses provide an insight into developing a Cash Culture across the organization. They also examine how implementing Artificial Intelligence has supported their Cash Culture.

We set an ambitious target of a 5-day reduction in DSO, freeing up £42M of cash.

Aimie: Artificial Intelligence assistant

Meet Aimie, Sidetrade’s unique Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to the B2B market. The power of Aimie comes from the rich and plentiful business data which Sidetrade collects, highly advanced algorithms and machine learning focused on unlocking value from your customers.

Aimie users see measurable benefits across many areas

  • 53% increase in collection success
  • 51% reduction in wasted activities
  • 46% decrease in payment delays
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