Welcome to Sidetrade!

Amalto is now part of Sidetrade, the world-leading AI-powered Order-to-Cash software company, and we’re delighted to welcome you to the Sidetrade family.

More than 2,700 businesses including Expedia, Nespresso and Tech Data use Sidetrade to accelerate and secure cash flow, deliver great customer experience and increase finance operational efficiency.

Looking for automated order processing and invoice delivery?

About Sidetrade Augmented Cash

Sidetrade’s AI-driven Augmented Cash platform accelerates and secures cash generation by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Order-to-Cash operations. The platform is powered by our award-winning AI technology, Aimie, who builds on learned insights from over $2.4 trillion B2B transactions to support Accounts Receivable operations through predicting the collection strategies most likely to succeed, using learned payment behaviors. Aimie is the perfect partner for Finance teams looking to boost collections performance, automate routine tasks, and experience an increase in efficiency of up to 57%.