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Sidetrade Augmented Revenue (previously known as Sidetrade Growth) gives you new insights to predict customer behavior, improve your customer relationships, and proactively take action to avoid losing a customer and/or propose additional products.

Analyzing real-time data indicators to understand patterns of your customer behavior, Augmented Revenue can then make recommendations to protect your customers and to uncover additional sales opportunities. Augmented Revenue uses proprietary algorithms to predict customer churn in the coming months.  Based on this insight, you can model revenue at risk from customers likely to leave you and take proactive steps to retain them.

How Sidetrade Growth works to accelerate and grow revenue

Augmented Revenue also predicts the next best offer for your sales team to upsell and/or cross-sell to your existing customers. Automated email sequences increase the efficiency of ongoing engagement with your customer base, allowing you to tailor the right message and the right offer to deepen your relationship with existing customers.


  • Anticipate buying intentions of your existing customers
  • Predict new sales opportunities from current customers
  • Proactively take action for customers at risk of leaving you
  • Grow customer lifetime value


Sidetrade Augmented Retention

Augmented Retention predicts revenue at risk either from customers leaving you and/or spending less. Predictions are based on analysis of both internal data sources (sales, financial, customer behavior patterns) and external data signals (gathered by crawling websites and social networks). With this actionable insight, you can then focus your marketing activities on the right customers by taking into account both their likelihood to leave and their value to your company.

Sidetrade Augmented Retention
Sidetrade Augmented Cross-sell

Sidetrade Augmented Upsell & Cross-sell

Augmented Upsell & Cross-sell gives you a clear picture of which customers are likely to buy more from you and which products are best targeted for them. Going beyond simple purchase history, Augmented Upsell & Cross-sell analyzes both internal data sources (sales, financial, customer behavior patterns) and external data signals (gathered by crawling websites and social networks) to predict what offer would be best suited for your next marketing and/or sales campaign.

Sidetrade Smart Engagement

With Smart Engagement, your sales & marketing teams can automate the engagement with your existing customers from the Sidetrade platform or via third-party CRM systems or web sources with a single click. They simply create sequences of personalized emails automated to send from the email addresses of individual sales or customer account managers to proactively reach customers who might be at risk of leaving or to capitalize on additional sales opportunities.

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