Augmented Revenue – increase sales from existing customers

One of the greatest challenges for enterprise organizations is unlocking additional revenue potential from their existing customer base, while delivering improved customer care. Augmented Revenue, the new solution from Sidetrade, will provide you with the insight you need to create more value from your customer accounts by increasing retention, cross-sell and upsell.

Augmented Revenue uses Sidetrade’s AI assistant, Aimie, to predict customer behavior and the best actions needed to retain customers and grow sales to them. Increase customer lifetime value by driving more upsell and cross-sell revenue with targeted offers and campaigns.

The solution predicts the best offer or action most to succeed in upsell and/or cross-sell to your existing customers. Automated communications with your customer base allows you and Aimie to tailor the right message and offer most likely to deepen your relationship with existing customers.

For many enterprise organizations, the primary source of revenue comes from their existing customers – but much of the sales activity is on winning new clients. To protect and grow customer revenue it’s crucial to focus on long-term value development rather than just short-term project delivery.

By implementing Augmented Revenue, our new predictive insights solution, you can cultivate customer relationships, monitor accounts who may be at risk of churn, and identify opportunities for cross-sell and upsell to your customer base.

Augmented Upsell & Cross-sell


Augmented Revenue gives you a clear picture of which customers are likely to buy more from you and which products are best targeted for them. Going beyond simple purchase history, Augmented Upsell & Cross-sell analyzes your own customer-related data (sales, finance, behavior patterns) as well as company and market-related data gathered externally by crawling websites and social networks, to predict what offer would be best suited for your next marketing and/or sales campaign.

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