Sidetrade Acquisition gives you new insights into your target market and recommends ways to fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies to best reach the right prospective customers.

By analyzing your existing customer data along with billions of external data signals gathered from crawling websites and social networks, Sidetrade Acquisition provides a visual map of your “Customer DNA” to graphically illustrate trends within your target market. It calculates your current market penetration, predicts the most relevant potential prospects, prioritizes your current funnel and automates your customer engagement.

To improve sales and marketing effectiveness, Sidetrade Acquisition categorizes your priority leads and sales opportunities on the likelihood to convert at the highest value.

Customer DNA shows trends within your target market
Customer DNA shows trends within your target market

Using proprietary reach scoring, Sidetrade Acquisition predicts and automates personalized email sequences for your sales teams to target buyer personas who are most likely to engage. Sidetrade Acquisition sorts the responses and prioritizes follow up based on our proprietary engagement scoring so your sales teams can best focus their efforts.


  • Assess your market penetration in each segment
  • Expand revenue opportunities within your existing segments by identifying new prospects
  • Increase lead conversion rate by focusing on the best prospects with reach and engagement scoring
  • Increase sales efficiency with automated engagement sequences


Sidetrade TAM Performance

TAM Performance allows you to quantify your target market and estimate your current market penetration. With this insight, you can properly plan your sales and marketing strategy to target new markets and/or increase sales opportunities within your existing markets.

Sidtrade Smart Explorer

Sidetrade Smart Explorer

From your TAM Performance, Smart Explorer recommends new market opportunities and gives you a complete list of the names of potential future customers in each of your segments.

Sidetrade Lead & Opportunity Scoring

Lead & Opportunity Scoring categorizes your priority leads and sales opportunities on the likelihood to convert at the highest value. With this actionable insight, you can focus your sales and marketing teams on the right opportunities at the right time and also increase conversion rates by delivering better quality leads and opportunities.

Lead and Opportunity Scoring
Sidetrade Smart Engagement

Sidetrade Smart Engagement

With Smart Engagement, your sales teams can engage with priority prospects from wherever the lead comes (Sidetrade, your CRM system, or any web source) through a single click. Personalized engagement scenarios can be automated based on reach scores so that your teams focus on the prospects most likely to engage. Intelligent algorithms sort responses and prioritize follow up according to an engagement score.

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