Artificial Intelligence:
Immediate applications for Sales and Marketing Departments

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Sales and Marketing are using Artificial Intelligence

These last few years, companies in every sector are facing a much more competitive market, exponential technological evolution and more complex customer behavior. Sales and Marketing are using artificial intelligence for decision-making and unravelling new levers to stimulate customer engagement and unravel value. The art and science of selling to businesses has changed significantly. Buyers have already researched the market and competitive products before engaging with sellers and the whole process is now more complex.

Given this new landscape, many top modern marketers are looking for more intelligent and data-driven ways of engaging with customers and potential buyers, as well as ways of increasing their revenue in a data-driven approach. Predictive Sales & Marketing works by taking all of the available data about an organization and the lead-level information about the people you actually engage with to advise you on: who to target; what proposition to offer, and when to target them.

Artificial Intelligence: What are the immediate applications for Sales and Marketing Departments? focuses on AI concrete case studies:

  • How to improve sales & marketing performance using Articifial Intelligence
  • Common uses cases for Artificial Intelligence

The most performing companies have already chosen Artificial Intelligence and observed 43% increase of their performance according to Forrester.

Accelerate prospection with prospect profiling

For the first time, thanks to artificial intelligence, those marketing departments that are segmenting their audience, anticipating expectations and identifying consumer trends by offer, geography and profiles etc are securing a concrete return on investment and getting a step ahead of their competitors.

Automated marketing is giving way to smart predictive marketing, fulfilling the marketer’s dream, with predictive messages that are sent to the right target at the right time to trigger purchase, with a much better success rate than traditional methods.

  • 68% of Sales rep’s time is spent researching, not calling leads
  • 94% of your marketing qualified leads will not close
  • 52% of sales reps didn’t make quota last year

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