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For much too long, companies have been focusing on their revenue & bottom-line performance while downplaying the importance of a healthy balance sheet. Even when Working Capital started to rank higher on the agenda of Finance leaders over the past few years prior to the pandemic, the trends observed revealed that companies were mostly “playing” with contractual or actual vendor terms to improve their Cash Flow as opposed to developing a proper Working Capital Management (WCM) strategy.

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  • Cash culture & liquidity, why it’s a top priority for CFOs
  • What does it take for companies to TRULY Unlock & Accelerate Cash?
  • The benefits of Harnessing Digital platforms (Insights & Efficiency)
  • WHY has Cash Flow Forecasting become so important?


working capital speaker - sunil

Sunil Pandit

Partner and Alliances Manager, Sidetrade
working capital speaker - evelyne

Evelyne Legaux
Managing Director, Finance OTC Consulting Ltd
working capital speaker - nicholas

Nicholas Christiaen, CEO, Cashforce

Susan Kingman CitiHead of Trade Client Management

Susan Kingman
Head of Trade Client Management, CITI

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