On-demand webinar: Payment Plans by Sidetrade

Helping Companies to Mitigate Business Cashflow Risk During this Exceptional Time.

We are facing a unique and unprecedented Crisis. To face this is to show solidarity and find pragmatic solutions to move forward together.

Do you want to be able to support your Customers by offering them either a deadline extension or a spread of all or part of their receivables?
Sidetrade’s Side Payment Plan module can easily help you.

Support your customers and keep your own cash collection systems afloat with Payment Plan, an Augmented Cash module from Sidetrade. In these challenging times when your customers may be facing financial difficulties, this module allows you to create custom payment plans within the Augmented Cash system to help recover debt in a way that’s manageable and fair to your clients.

Payment Plan is part of our Augmented Cash collection system, which helps companies quickly and easily secure and manage their collection process fully online.

Naomi Smith, Solutions Consultant ​and Ines Siney, Head of Customer Success Finance will discuss how Sidetrade’s Side Payment Plan module can easily help you support your Customers who may be facing financial difficulties.

Learn why and how during this webinar.

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