On-demand webinar: Enhancing Customer Service Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Improve productivity whilst offering world-class customer service

Engage your customers online to improve effficiency and accelerate dispute resolution to provide better customer service.

Customer Services are on the front lines to prove you truly care about customer satisfaction. However with many enquiries, scalability is often achieved at the cost of the relationship.

Sidetrade presents DigitalCase, an intelligent and collaborative solution for customer services. This module streamlines the management of dispute resolutions by automating the handling of customer requests.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence, DigitalCase automates time-consuming yet mundane tasks.Your teams can now fully devote themselves to what matters most to them: the satisfaction of the client.

Discover how DigitalCase can help you:

  • Gain productivity in managing exchanges with your customers.
  • Improve your customer relations throughout the sales-to-cash cycle.
  • Drive performance through real-time customer case resolution dashboards.