On-demand webinar: Digital as an enabler for optimising working capital

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As the world continues to address the impact of the Covid-19 public health challenge, we all need to prepare ourselves for a new reality. To navigate today’s uncertainty, you will need to de-risk your business quickly and take action to help protect employees, customers and partners.

Join KPMG and Sidetrade for a discussion on the current trends in working capital, how to optimise working capital through digital and what happens when the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

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KPMG and Sidetrade discuss:

  • Trends – Current trends in working capital
  • Digital – Importance of digital; in both a pre and post Covid-19 world
  • Working Capital Optimisation – Optimising working capital through digital
  • Forecasting – Importance of forecasting, what to look out for with clients
  • Post Crisis – Covid-19 what happens next; KPMG’s four stages


Nathan McCarthy Director, Advisory, KPMG

Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith Solution Consultant, Sidetrade

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