On-demand webinar: 5 ways AI can transform shared services

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Shared services have been centralizing, standardizing and automating for decades. As many have achieved efficient organizational structures, and have reaped benefits from less labour arbitrage, some are starting to see savings plateau.

The next step for many organizations is digital transformation, and tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a large role to play in companies’ ability to digitize. However, in a recent sharedserviceslink survey, we found only 9% of shared services had AI programs fully up and running.

This webinar aims to help you understand what role AI can play in shared services, and how to leverage it to transform your entire lead-to-cash process.

The webinar examines:

  • How AI can help better understand your data
  • The impact AI may have on your workforce
  • Tangible benefits companies are seeing from using AI
  • The 5 ways AI is transforming shared service


Sarah Fane

Head of Research, sharedserviceslink

Rob Harvey

Head of Solution Consulting, Enablement and Sales Operations Group, Sidetrade


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