Digital Case Demo

Regardless of your business type, a key challenge to ensuring prompt payment; is the management of queries and disputes your customers may have that prevent them from making payment/payment in full.
Within the Sidetrade O2C Platform, we have a dedicated query and ticketing module that has been created to assist in the identification, management and resolution of customer queries using our Digital Case Module.

Our unique, AI enabled module improves customer payment efficiency, and improves DSO through reduced query and dispute resolution times by…

  • Allowing for the creation of tickets/cases from anywhere within your business through the Platform as part of an inbound or outbound telephone call
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify and assign inbound tickets/cases sent over email, portal integration or file integration
  • Enabling the assignment of invoices to tickets/cases and reflecting elsewhere within the Platform
  • Promoting a collaborative Cash Culture across your business by assigning tickets/cases to the most appropriate internal team for prompt resolution
  • Driving control and compliance by recording a full audit of steps taken in resolution
  • Providing full visibility from within the Sidetrade Platform and from within (CRM) to further promote efficient resolution times and embed cultural behaviors
  • Empowering further AI learning allowing the Platform to identify and alert/report on patterns; allowing for internal route causes analysis (prevention being better than cure!)