Sidetrade for Training:

Delivered by our team of functional experts around the world!

An efficient use of Sidetrade’s solution helps teams improving their credit management process and their customer relationships. All users can be assisted with training to know how to leverage their experience.

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Our team of functional experts and trainers are able to support all users. In Augmented Cash our experts train collectors’ profile, credit managers, sales just to name a few. In Augmented Revenue, all teams involved in enhancing the customer lifetime value can be trained.

The objective at the end of the training is for every user to be autonomous to make the most of Sidetrade’s solutions.

From half a day to 5 days training done face to face in your offices all around the world.


  1. Improve efficiency of your credit management team
  2. Grow cash flow and cut credit risk
  3. Optimize working capital
  4. Make sure all teams know the processes to follow
  5. Enhance collaboration between sales, delivery and finance teams

For our customers who already know our solutions but have particular questions on a specific topic, our Training & Master Monitoring team proposes training capsules. No need to block out a whole day for training, or to move from your workplace – capsules are quick and focused blocks of training. The objective is to improve skills on a specific topic around credit management.

They comprise a 2-hour virtual class focused on a specific subject.

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  1. Develop skills and knowledge around credit management
  2. Optimize collection management
  3. Enhance collaboration between credit management team and other teams
  4. Easily follow key performance indicators
  5. Increase customer satisfaction by resolving disputes faster