Module: Credit Risk Management

Accelerate cash flow by anticipating and managing risk

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Set Better Credit Limits with our Credit Management Software

Sidetrade Credit Risk Management provides a holistic view of your customer risk profiles and allows you treat each customer differently, proactively assessing potential risk and setting credit limits accordingly.

Integrated with Sidetrade Augmented Cash, your finance department now has a unified way to assess appropriate credit limits, manage disputes, and initiate impactful collection actions.

By consolidating all available data, including internal account profiles, external financial information sources (CreditSafe, Ellisphere, and others), and credit insurer guarantees (Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes, and others), you have a comprehensive way to assess potential risk.

With Sidetrade’s Credit Risk Management software, information about the customers most at risk can be shared among all of your customer-facing departments and guide sales negotiations.

Proactively Manage Credit Risk

  1. Monitor customer payment behavior
  2. Define your credit management strategy based on internal and external data sources
  3. Improve sales negotiations by streamlining requests and quickly communicating credit limits
  4. Unify your approach to risk management within the same platform as disputes and collections
  5. Proactively adapt your credit strategy based on changes in the account that may impact timely payment of invoices

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Do you have bad debt resulting from insufficient knowledge of the financial health of your clients?

Do you exceed your internal credit limits due to lack of proper risk monitoring?

Do you have sub-optimal risk coverage due to low abidance with credit insurers’ policies?

Do you limit your growth potential due to a lack of proper risk coverage?


  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Risk Analytics
  • Streamlined Visibility

Integrated Risk Management

Credit Risk Management allows you to set appropriate credit limits by account. Integrated with Sidetrade Augmented Cash, you have a single software platform to manage credit limits, insurance guarantees, disputes, and collections. Your risk analysts can monitor changes in account details, manage alerts, and set personal to-dos.

Risk Analytics

Sidetrade’s Credit Risk Management software consolidates all available data on the customer, including payer profile, external financial information sources (CreditSafe, Ellisphere, and others), and credit insurer guarantees (Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes, and others).

Streamlined Visibility

Credit Risk Management simplifies communication and information sharing across all of your customer-facing departments. Your internal teams have visibility into third-party credit scores, which can help them to focus on the right customers. Commercial teams can quickly see valid approvals and address their credit requests directly to your risk management team.


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