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A dive into how Sidetrade’s AI can support your Order-to-Cash objectives

Sidetrade seemed to be the most advanced solution on the market, as well as the most reliable and sustainable. – Geodis

In the beginning, finance departments managed their collections process through some combination of their CRM or ERP systems, and manual collections. Without collections-specific technology in place, it grew increasingly difficult to manage the process, mitigate against risk of late payment, and monitor the overall success of the Accounts Receivable function.

In the 85 countries where our platform is used, 12.5 million invoices are imported into the system daily, with 150-200 thousand of these qualified daily. There are currently 11 million active buyers and up to 10,000 users connected to the system at any one time.

How Aimie Supports the O2C Cycle


When we started with Sidetrade we had as much “ as £4.5m in disputes – we are now down to £0.8m – Tenth Revolution Group

The global economic uncertainty means more than ever that cash is king, and companies are looking towards specialist technology to help expedite the dunning process through intelligent automation. With fewer resources available and less revenue coming into the business, CFOs are looking close.

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