On-demand webinar: Move your cash collection online for FREE during the C-19 crisis

Embrace the power of digital collection technology from your home offices
Implement in just 1 week!

During this of period of uncertainty – when working capital is critical – many finance teams are struggling because their cash collection process is not designed to support remote working.

Sidetrade’s AugmentedCash credit management system helps companies quickly and easily secure and manage their collection process fully online. This is ideal with teams working remotely and customers’ offices closed, meaning that letters and phone calls are likely to go unanswered.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we’ll show you how you can move your collection process online, avoiding issues with mail and phone calls. You will see how Sidetrade Augmented Cash optimizes contact information with real-time updates via the centralized database and provides visibility of your entire cash collection process.

Augmented Cash will allow you to:

  • Easily communicate outstanding payments with your customers via interactive emails
  • Virtual assistant AIMIE helps to enhance credit management and is working when no one else is
  • Encourage a collaborative interaction with your customers
  • Adapt your dunning strategies to current circumstances
  • Monitor the activities and effectiveness of your team
  • Manage workload across the team if people are unable to work
  • Track the performance of your dunning campaigns
  • Gain visibility of your invoice workflow


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