WEBINAR – Current and Future of Smart Automation Technologies in the Customer-to-Cash Process



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In order to achieve top performance in the customer-to-cash process, organisations must leverage digital solutions to deliver value, both to customers and stakeholders. The challenge sometimes is simply to understand what the options are, where the opportunities exist and how to get started.  With teams now working remotely, leveraging digital solutions is now more important than ever.

Within this interview style webinar Siobhan Riggott, Customer-to-Cash advisory, The Hackett Group and Rob Harvey, Global Head of Sales Operations at Sidetrade discussed how the current climate is affecting late payments and working capital. The Hackett Group also shared an overview of the current state of technology leverage and automation in Customer-to-Cash, as well as where companies will be looking to invest going forward.

Lastly, The Hackett Group provided a view on how the Best of Breed solution vendors are incorporating smart automation technologies into client solutions; you’ll be walked through the Evolution of Finance Software, where many companies are today vs where the best companies will be in the next two-three years.

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The Hackett Group shared metrics on:

  • Automation levels

    across the Customer-to-Cash processes
  • Enhancing

    credit management processes
  • Best practices

    in customer billing and collections
  • Managing

    dispute management strategies

Hacket webinar presentation


Siobhan Riggott The Hackett Group

Siobhan Riggott

Customer-to-Cash & Global Business Services Advisor
The Hackett Group

Siobhan Riggott The Hackett Group

Rob Harvey

Head of Global Sales Operations, Sidetrade


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